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What is JDBC?

JDBC stands for Java Database Connection. It allows to connect between front end ( Java Program) and back end .

JDBC helps you to write Java applications that manage these three programming activities:


  1. Connect to a data source, like a database
  2. Send queries and update statements to the database
  3. Retrieve and process the results received from the database in answer to your query

JDBC is an standard API specification developed in order to move data from frontend to backend. This API consists of classes and interfaces written in Java. It basically acts as an interface (not the one we use in Java) or channel between your Java program and databases i.e it establishes a link between the two so that a programmer could send data from Java code and store it in the database for future use.

How it comes into an existence?

To remove platform-dependence, JDBC was developed by database vendor which consisted of classes and interfaces written in Java.

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