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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Along with HTML, CSS is fundamental to web design. … CSS is a language used to detail the presentation of a web page’s mark up language (most commonly HTML or XHTML) – such as colors, fonts, and layout.


CSS are an important way to control how your Web pages look. It controls colors, typography, and the size and placement of elements and images. But it can be very difficult to learn CSS, and some people would rather not learn it.

CSS Conserves user bandwidth, Speeds up page rendering, Reduces design and development time , Reduces updating and maintenance time . Design-wise it is easier, clearer, flexible, and more resilient if these “concerns” are kept separate from one another.

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Array in C Programming Language – tccicomputercoaching.com

What is Array?

Array is collection of more than one element of same type at a same memory location.


Declaration Syntax:

Data Type arrayname[size];

Here , size represent number elements stored in Array. This size is maximum
so, user can enter equal or less elements but nor more than elements.

All Elements store in sequence in memory. An each element contain position
which always start from zero.





0 1 2 3

For Example , if we want to store 4 student rollno at a same location then
array has been declared like this:

int rn[4];


Variable cannot store more than one data at a time. Array removes this
limit of variable.


Array can store an elements of same type only.

To enter data in given an array:



Scanf (“%d”,a[i]);


To display data in given an array:

For (i=0;i<n;i++)


Printf (“%d”,a[i]);


We can find maximum element , minimum element , sort the array , search an element from an Array.

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Variable in C Language – tccicomputercoaching.com

What is variable?

Variable is a memory location where we can store the data.


Why need variable?

In programming we can’t use data directly. We have to store the data first(on which we are going to process) in memory . This memory is allocated as per Data Type.

Features of Variable:

The variable can store single data at a time. We can Update the data stored in variable.

Rules for Variable Name:

First letter should be start with alphabet.

No any symbol like * , dash, Hash, space should be used except underscore.

i.e roll-no , employee name , jan#sal etc.. invalid name.

valid name of variable:

rollno, a, emp1, salary etc.

Syntax of Variable:

Data Type Variable name;

i.e int a;

float b;

char x;

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