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Learn Object Oriented Concepts in C++ at

Learn Object Oriented Concepts in C++ at

Learn Object Oriented Concepts in c++

in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with real
examples including at

TCCI, Ahmedabad


Object Oriented Concepts is based on Class and Objects. The class is like
blueprint or template. An object contains values stored in instance
variables within the object.


In programming Language context we can define Object Oriented Concepts as
an abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. All of these
are the approach to modular and reusable software systems.


To learn this most important concept Join us at

TCCI -Bopal-Satellite-Ahmedabad


If you are at remote place then don’t worry. We conduct Online Class for all

programming Language

. After joining us you will update your knowledge surely , that’s our

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Computer Institute – 6 Month Project Training

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute

provides an opportunity to Boos up student’s carrier successful in IT field
through providing live project training in various Technologies. As the
demand for new technology increases, so do career opportunities for
professionals with technical and managerial expertise in computers. We
offer programs that prepare you to excel in these challenging, dynamic
professions. Professional faculty, state-of-the-art labs, and onsite
research centers provide a comprehensive education and competitive
advantage. We are a dynamic institution providing career-focused, high
quality programs designed to enhance job opportunities for our graduates
and provide a skilled workforce for the community.

Computer Institute - 6 Month Project Training .png

We strive to achieve this by employing qualified and enthusiastic
professionals who create a stimulating learning environment and deliver
effective career development services.We providing training to different
courses like Degree, Diploma ,MCA,BCA,PGDCA,M.A.C.I.T., etc………. trough
different learning method, which include theory with practical both our
team at TRIRID consists of experienced and highly qualified professionals.
We provide training in .net technology, sql, angulas,teleric etc………

We provide live project training Final Year Project Training 6 months project training to BCA, MCA, Diploma, B.Sc. (IT), M.Sc. (IT) and Engineering students which
are running around the globe with our reputed clients. Which
providesopportunities to our students those are high in quality, rich in
services and support, and expertly designed to meet our students’ goals.
their goals. Whether you are looking to develop your programming skills, to
improve your professional skills, TCCI can help.

Contact Us:

Call @ 98256 18292

Mail us to


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Best Learning Institute Of C++ Course

Welcome to Tririd Computer Coaching Institute. We are a Gujarat (India)
based Computer coaching institute at Ahmadabad and we focus on providing
best teaching to students through different learning method/media.


C++ is a middle-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup
starting in 1979 at Bell Labs. C++ programming is a general purpose and
object oriented programming language. C++ inherits most of C’s syntax. It
is considered to be an intermediate level language, as it encapsulates both
high and low level language features. In 1983, it was renamed from C with Classes to C++ (“++” being the increment operator in C).
New features were added including virtual functions, function name and
operator overloading, references, constants, type-safe free-store memory
allocation (new/delete), improved type checking.

Best Learning Institute Of C++ Course

We include all basic concept in our teaching course with theory and
practical both, which help to our students even if he is very beginner or
weak in programming language.

We teach following topics in c++ course:

  • Introduction to C++
  • Basic Syntax
  • Object Oriented Concept
    • Inheritance
    • Data Abstraction
    • polymorphism
    • Encapsulation
  • Data Types and Variables
  • Constants, Literals
  • Modifiers
  • Operators
  • Loop Controls
    • For Loop
    • While Loop
    • Do-While Loop
  • Decision Making
    • If-Else
  • Class Structure with Object
  • Function
  • Arrays
  • String
  • Inheritance
  • Constructor-Destructor
  • Exception Handling
  • Files

Course duration : Daily/4 days/3 Days/2 Days.

Class Mode : Theory with Practical.

Lecture Timing : At student’s convenience.

To know more about C++ Course In Ahmadabad  , c++ in satellite Ahmadabad TCCI

Call us @ 98256 18292

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TCCIis a premier computer coaching and training institute with a strong base in IT field. It was an established in 2014 to provide best computer education to students who build up their career successfully in IT Field.

It Education at TCCI

We provide Best teaching in various computer course to BCA, MCA, BSC-MSc.IT, Diploma-Degree-Engineering student, school student (GSBE, CBSE, ICSE, IB) and any person.

Our offered course include c, c++, HTML, java, DBMS, SQL, python, data-structure, compiler design, .net, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point etc.

For more information about IT Education at TCCI, Ahmedabad.

Call us @ 98256 18292

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Basic computer course, Education, Engineering Courses, programming course, training

Various Computer Course –

Now a days computer skills becomes compulsory for every student/employee/person. Because every field /job has adopted new technologies running on / through computers. So, if you want to go ahead in your carrier successfully, you should be aware with new programming course.

Various computer course.jpg

TCCI-Tririd computer coaching Institute offers  various computer course like C,C++,HTML, CSS, Data Structure ,Database Management System,Compiler Design,Python,Java,.Net .,Word,Excel,Power Point …..etc…….All computer courses for BCA, MCA, BSC-MSc. IT, Diploma-Degree Engineering, school-students (any standard), and any person are taught at the institute by highly qualified and experienced faculties.

To learn more about computer course, computer class, C language course, C++ Language course

Contact Us:

Mobile: +91 9825618292

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Coaching For Maths At TCCI Tccicomputercoaching.Com

Coaching for Maths at TCCI

 Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It is so said because the subject makes a man methodical or systematic. Mathematics makes our life orderly and prevents chaos.

TCCI Coaching Institute teaches Maths to BCA, MCA, PGDCA, Engineering students efficiently. Our institute is located in Bopal and Satellite, Ahmedabad.

Maximum 5 students group in teaching class, so, more personal attention is given to the students. Our Qualified and experienced faculty teaches according to student’s university syllabus, they make students hard-working and practice in particular subject.

For More Information About Maths Coaching in ahmedabad, Maths Coaching in Bopal and Satellite

The students who have learnt at TCCI have got good result in university exam.

We provide teaching to following universities students

-GTU, Nirma, Ganpat, PDPU, GU, Indus, Changa etc……

call us @ 98256 18292.

Visit us at

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Data Structure Course – Computer Institute TCCI

Data Structure Course.png

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute provides best teaching in basic computer programming language at tcci computer coaching institute, Ahmedabad. Tririd Computer Coaching Institute provides an opportunity to Boos up student’s carrier successful in IT field through providing Best teaching in various Courses.

Data Structure Language:

Data Structures are the programmatic way of storing data so that data can be used efficiently. Almost every enterprise application uses various types of data structures in one or other way. Data Structures is about rendering data elements in terms of some relationship, for better organization and storage. We can store data in file or Database as a Data Structure.

We teach following topics:

  • Introduction to Data Structure Course
  • Types of Data Structure
  • Array
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Link List
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Sorting
  • Bubble
  • Insertion
  • Selection
  • Quick
  • Heap
  • Merge
  • Time Complexity

Course duration: Daily/4 days/3 Days/2 Days.

Class Mode: Theory with Practical.

Lecture Timing: At student’s convenience.

For More Information About Data Structure language Course in Ahmedabad, programming language course in Ahmedabad