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If you are interested in logic defining or coding or application development then you should learn the computer language programming. There is the vast different between learning the natural language and programming language. In the programming languages there are set of rules which you have to follow.

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TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute offers various Programming Language Courses in Bopal and satellite to BCA, MCA,BSC-MSc. IT, Diploma-Degree Engineering,school-students(any standard),any person are taught at the institute by highly qualified and experienced faculties. The institute provides corporate trainings to many of the IT companies & other educational institutes. The institute was established by Riddhi Dhandha, who is having more than 10 yrs. of teaching experience of various computer subjects. We are providing also project training to students.

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IT course

In this modern day and age, information technology plays a big role.

With the introduction of computers, the business world was changed forever. Using computers and software, businesses use information technology to ensure that their departments run smoothly.

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute teaches Information Technology courses to diploma-degree Engineering students.

We have high qualified and experienced faculty to teach student in very interesting way. Our theory with practical method makes strong student’s basic concepts very clear.

TCCI offers various computer courses to BCA, MCA, BSC-MSc. IT, Diploma-Degree Engineering, school-students (any standard), and any person.

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Online Learning At TCCI – Bopal And Satellite

Online learning is on the upswing. The current traditional education system including higher budget, more time-consuming, and course deficiencies, so, many students have started to search for alternatives. Right now more and more students prefer online computer course, because it has so many advantages.

Online computer course provide Money saving option, No more expensive textbooks. Parents, working students, and professionals on the move have the option of attending classes no matter their work schedule. Students can review lectures, discussions, explanations, and comments at their flexible time.


TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute provides facility of online computer course to BCA, MCA, PGDCA, and MSCIT, diploma-degree-engineering, any school students or any person.

TCCI offer Programming course like c, c++, java, Data Structure, Python, .Net, Database Management System, Compiler Design

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Basic computer skill – Bopal And Satellite Ahmedabad


If you are looking in the market for a new job or formulating your professional development plan to position yourself for future career growth, then you should consider the computer technology.

Basic Computer skill also will help you to do your job work or routine work from home also,

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute teaches to BCA, MCA, BSC-MSc.IT, Diploma-Degree-Engineering, school-students-CBSE, GSBE, ICSE, IB (any standard), any person are taught at the institute by highly qualified and experienced faculties.

One to one teaching method exists here. Theory with practical session makes student knowledge more strong.

We teach Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point in Basic Course.

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TCCI Computer Coaching Institute – Bopal and satellite Ahmedabad

Now a days computer skills becomes compulsory for every student/employee/person. Because every field /job has adopted new technologies running on / through computers. So, if you want to go ahead in your carrier successfully, you should be aware with new Technologies.


We offers various computer courses  like C, C++,Java, Data Structure, python,.Net, compiler design, Basic of Electronics, Networking, Database management system, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point etc…….. . We teach through different learning method or media.

Our High qualified and experienced faculty not only teach but also motivate to student to fulfil their goal.

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Find Out Best Computer Coaching Institute – Bopal And Satellite

Are you finding computer institute for Best Learning? Are you confused to select coaching centre for computer course? Are you weak at programming course? Not able to set time as per coaching? Then…. Don’t worry. Because your all problems’ solution is here…………


TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching institute is leading computer institute in bopal-ahmedabad.

We offer various computer courses like c, c++, java, python,.net, data structure, compiler design, Microsoft office word, excel, power point, database management system etc…. through different learning method or media.

We have high qualified and 9 years experienced faculty at TCCI.

Main feature of TCCI is flexible timings as per student’s schedule.

We provide Best Quality education to Degree-diploma-Engineering, BCA, MCA, PGDCA, Any School Student.

Our main focus is in making the students expert in programming development skills.

So, Get fast and get admission at TCCI.

C Course For CBSE Students

C Language Course


Computer technology has had a deep impact now in the school education sector.

Thanks to computers, which has changed the way of teaching in also school education.

C, is the most popular language worldwide. Everything from microcontrollers to operating systems is written in C since it’s very flexible and versatile, allowing maximum control with minimal commands.

To start computer carrier from C language is best option.

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute offered various computer courses to school students.

TCCI teaches efficiently C language to all school Board GSEB, CBSE, ICSE, IB students in Ahmedabad.

We teach following topics in C Language Course:

  1. Introduction to C
  2. Basic Syntax
  3. Token
  4. Data Types and Variables
  5. Constants, Literals
  6. Storage class
  7. Operators
  8. Loop Controls
  9. For Loop
  10. While Loop
  11. Do-While Loop
  12. Decision Making
  13. Arrays
  14. String
  15. Function
  16. Pointer
  17. Inheritance
  18. Structure
  19. Union
  20. Type Casting
  21. Recursion
  22. Files
  23. Command Line Argument

Course duration: Daily/4 days/3 Days/2 Days.

Class Mode: Theory with Practical’s.

Lecture Timing: At student’s convenience.

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