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Technology use is growing rapidly and our students need to be ready for the future they are going to face. It is imperative that they start learning the skills they will need now.

Computer use is growing rapidly, now we can’t imagine the world without the computer. So, our students need to be ready to face for the future they are going. We cannot ignore the bright future in IT field, Also the importance and daily use of computer and its various applications in various places.


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Learn basic computer course by – bopal-satellite-ahmedabad

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in 21st century, programming is necessary skill to learn.

TCCI can help you to learn in an easiest way even if you are just beginner in computer field.


We teach you Microsoft office Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet etc…….

To know more about Basic Computer Programming at TCCI, Ahmedabad

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Education, programming course

Data Structure Course Online at TCCI


At present people on these planet want to do all their work quickly. In this situation Online Education is Best option. Students can get a lot of benefits of Online Education.

Data Structures are structures programmed to store ordered data, so that various operations can be performed on it easily. It represents the knowledge of data to be organized in memory.


TCCI  in Boapl and Satellite, Ahmadabad is well-known for providing quality education in the field of Programming Languages Courses, Web-Designing Courses, Basic Computer Courses and Project Training courses.

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Are u finding best computer institute in your city? –

Are you finding computer institute for Best Learning? Are you confused to select coaching centre for computer course? Are you weak at programming course? Not able to set time as per coaching? Then…. Don’t worry. Because your all problems’ solution is here…………

TCCITririd computer coaching institute is a centre where you can come without tension, learn with enjoy and get success.


Following points make Tririd Best Computer Coaching Institute.

  • Best Quality Education at minimal cost here
  • Individual interaction with student
  • Theory with Practical Session
  • High Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • Latest configured PC, Software and IT computer Courses
  • Best world-class learning environment
  • Unlimited Internet with AC class
  • Teaching hours as per your Time-convenience from morning 8.00 to evening 8.00
  • Online coaching available


So, all of these points provides Best  world class environment to students, which helps student to achieve their goal.

So, Get fast and get admission at TCCI in Bopal and Satellite, Ahmedabad.

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Programming Languages Training in Bopal,Ahmedabad

Computer programming Languages are used to do a variety of things, it to find out.
But basically it affects technology. Technology affects you
it affects what technology can do.


TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute is a wel-known Computer Institute in Bopal, Ahmedabad.

TCCI offers various programming languages like C,C++,Java, Data Structure,,,,DBMS,HTML,CSS,Python,Ms-office,Web-Designing,Compiler-Desing,System-Programming,Project-Training…..etc…..

All computer courses for BCA, MCA, BSC-MSc. IT, Diploma-Degree Engineering, school-students (any standard), and any person are taught at the institute by highly qualified and experienced faculties.

The institute was established by Riddhi Dhandha, who is having more than 10 yrs. of teaching experience of various computer subjects. We are providing also Project Training to students.


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You Can Learn Java Efficiently At TCCI –

Java is a programming language developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, which is now a part of Oracle Corporation. It was released in 1995 as a part of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform.

Java is the most popular platform independent and Object Oriented Language. It is based on the principle “Write once, run anywhere” which means that the code which runs on one platform does not need to be recompiled to run on the other.


The Java programming language Course is a contemporary, evolutionary computing language that combines asophisticated language design with powerful features of primarylanguages.

Java is favourite in developers because of its following key Features





Application of Java

There are many places where Java is used in real world, starting from commercial e-commerce website to android apps, from scientific application to financial applications like electronic trading organisations, from games like Mine craft to desktop applications like Eclipse, Net beans and IntelliJ, from open source library to J2ME apps etc. Java is very big in Financial Services.

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Learn computer school syllabus – TCCI, – Satellite-Bopal- Ahmedabad

Computer teaching and interactive learning play a key role in education. Computer technology is integrated into the modern education system.

As computers themselves are dynamic to modern business, government and society, familiarity with computer systems is a necessary skill in the 21st century. Fields such as science, writing composition, mathematics and history all benefit from access to the Internet.


So, to learn computer from school days is very beneficial for students, so when they reach to college level, they can be expert in their interested area of computer and can be move ahead successfully in their career.

TCCI Computer Coaching Institute teaches all computer subjects to GSEB, CBSE, ICSE, IB School Board students in Ahmedabad.

We teach C, C++, HTML, CSS, Data Structure, Networking, Data Base Management System, Java, Python etc…. by 9 years experienced and M.Tech Faculty at TCCI.


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Learn c language in bopal-satellite-ahmedabad,

We provide best teaching in basic computer programming language at TCCI computer coaching institute, Ahmedabad.

C programming is widely used because of its beneficial features, which are following:

c language course at tcci hmedabad

Low Level Language Support

Program Portabilit


Bit Manipulation

High Level Features

Modular Programming

Efficient Use of Pointers

It is many time faster than BASIC.

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DBMS Language –

Database is actually a place where related piece of information is stored and various operations can be performed on it. A DBMS is software that allows creation, definition and manipulation of database. DBMS is actually a tool used to perform any kind of operation on data in database. DBMS also provides protection and security to database. It maintains data consistency in case of multiple users.


TCCI’s main focus is to develop logical skill of the students, so it will help students to write code their self in any language.

We teach following topics in DBMS:

Part-I: Database

Introduction to DBMS

Requirements of Database

Disadvantages of File


Data Models

Data schemas

Data independence

ER Diagram

Cod’s Rules

RDBMS concepts




Part-II: SQL

Sql introduction

DDL command

DML command

DCL command

Advanced SQL

Sql Constraints

Sql Function

Course duration: Daily/4 days/3 Days/2 Days.

Class Mode: Theory with practicals.

Lecture Timing: At student’s convenience.

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Education, Engineering Course

Engineering Class in Bopal and Satellite, Ahmadabad –

The major Key to the nations prosperity and security during a international, knowledge-driven economy can be its leadership in technology and innovation. Engineers are vital to our economy and society. Their knowledge and skills are in high demand across a range of services.

All Engineering-Courses in Ahmedabad

Engineering is a science involving designing, building and usage of machines, engines and structures. Pursuing an engineering degree is a popular career option in India.

In present time it is also require to sharp your knowledge to win the competition

In such a condition Coaching class is best option for engineering students.

TCCI is a place where you can get knowledge from best faculty

We have experienced faculty in Computer, IT, EC, EEE, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Automobile, Maths,… etc…

We teach students of GTU, Gujarat University, Indus, Nirma, PDPU, Ganpat university  etc..

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