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Best Online Computer Course in Ahmedabad –

Now-a-days students have to run here and there to learn many new courses and extra-curricular activities like skating, table-tennis, swimming, karate, etc. Also they have to attend classes for their school syllabus. All these to learn are compulsory for their in current technical century. But it makes them so tired and also time-consuming. In such condition if they can find online course, it’s cool!


TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute offers online computer course students at bopal-ahmedabad, which is really great relaxation for them in their tight schedule. They can learn any computer course from their home efficiently at their time-convenience.

We teach following course

Basic computer course: Ms-office Word, Excel, Power point, Internet

Programming course: C, C++, Java, Data-Structure, Python, Compiler-Design, DBMS

Training course:,,, Angular, Telluric, SQL

Design course: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Image making

To learn more about Online Computer Course at TCCI

Call us @ 9825618292

Visit us @


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