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SQL course at TCCI, Ahmedabad


SQL   stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to communicate with a database. It is the standard language for relational database management systems.


The Microsoft SQL Server is a product developed by Microsoft. That’s database management system which stores and retrieve data as per user instruction. Microsoft has many editions of the SQL server. Students are trained on how to update, delete and request information using this special purpose language used for programming.

The sql language allows users to sort, retrieve, filter and group data. Students are also empowered to calculate and aggregate data that is stored in various database tables.

TCCI – Tririd Computer Coaching teach you SQL Course in Bopal and Satellite in Ahmedabad. If you want to learn Online Coaching then you can learn at your flexible period also.

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Web-Development – Tririd Computer in Ahmedabad

Without an online presence, your product becomes that beautiful person/friend on the journey who can’t be reached again and is eventually forgotten about, no matter how tempting she/he once was

You can run the most captivating, useful, ingenious business, but if there’s no way to find it, it will eventually be substituted with something else. If your business has a web presence, you create the potential to have customers for life.

Web Application Development At tririd

But that website should be attractive which people just visit and become greedy to call you to know about your product.

Tririd Computer develops such an outstanding website for any customer. We are expert in all technologies like .Net technology, PHP, Angular, Android, HTML, CSS, SQL, Database Management System, Telluric, MVC etc…….

Website done by us:

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TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute provides an opportunity to BoosT up student’s carrier successful in IT field through providing live project training in various Technologies.

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As the demand for new technology increases, so do career opportunities for professionals with technical and managerial expertise in computers. We offer programs that prepare you to excel in these challenging, dynamic professions.

We provide training in .net technology, sql, angular, telluric, HTML, CSS, Android etc………

We provide Final Year Project training to BCA, MCA, Diploma, B.Sc. (IT), M.Sc. (IT) and Engineering students which are running around the globe with our reputed clients. Which provides opportunities to our students those are high in quality, rich in services and support, and expertly designed to meet our students’ goals.

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Engineering Class in Bopal and Satellite, Ahmadabad –

The major Key to the nations prosperity and security during a international, knowledge-driven economy can be its leadership in technology and innovation. Engineers are vital to our economy and society. Their knowledge and skills are in high demand across a range of services.

All Engineering-Courses in Ahmedabad

Engineering is a science involving designing, building and usage of machines, engines and structures. Pursuing an engineering degree is a popular career option in India.

In present time it is also require to sharp your knowledge to win the competition

In such a condition Coaching class is best option for engineering students.

TCCI is a place where you can get knowledge from best faculty

We have experienced faculty in Computer, IT, EC, EEE, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Automobile, Maths,… etc…

We teach students of GTU, Gujarat University, Indus, Nirma, PDPU, Ganpat university  etc..

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Best computer education center – tcci computer coaching

TCCI is best computer institute in Bopal and satellite, Ahmedabad. All Programming Languages Courses like c, c++,java, .net etc…,Ms-office, web-designing, HTML, CSS, Live project training.

Best computer education center tcci computer coaching

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Midblowing job by these Students – Make device to rescue children trapped in bore wells –

Now a days in a city,  bore wells are a go-to solution for water need. Most of the cities have a few lakh bore wells, and many of them fail after digging with no water. The failed ones, if left uncovered, can turn into death traps for unsuspecting children, who can easily fall into these deep holes that vary in width from 8 to 10 inches.


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It was this problem and past instances of children trapped into borewells that prodded final semester students of PES Polytechnic Raghothama P, Achutha R, Adithya P, Ashray Aksh, Pavan Kumar, Tejas R, and Amith Gowda to come up with Borot, a robotised-saving device for accidents that happen in unguarded bore wells. “The device works on the principle of rack and pinion mechanism. It can be controlled by Android devices and can work on normal electricity and sealed acid batteries,” said Raghothama,

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Borot is fitted with a spy strike miniature camera on a robotic arm, which can slide down inside a bore and send live videos to a screen. With its sensors, it can analyse poisonous gas detection, motion of a child who may have fallen into one. “If a child is alive, the device will set off an air balloon through a separate chord. This will go beneath the child and inflate, to arrest further sinking,” he adds.

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How Cyber Security useful for Medical Devices –

All medical devices carry a certain amount of risk.

network-connected medical devices promise an entirely new level of value for patients and doctors, but they also introduce new cyber security vulnerabilities that could affect clinical operations and put patient care at risk.

Cyber Security at TCCI

threat and vulnerability have often been used interchangeably when referring to cyber security, preventing cyber security threats entirely is not possible.

 cyber actor can identify administrative password and gain administrator access to the device and such a way data can be transmitted through a wireless connection, this  can be intercepted from anywhere in the world. Unencrypted data can be stolen and even modified, resulting in a serious threat to a patient’s safety.

The focus of security measures is to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in order to increase the difficulty in breaching your network. For more information about Computer Course in Ahmedabad, Project Training Institute, engineering courses in Ahmedabad

In that way  network cyber security tools such as antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls to handle security for connected devices can be used in medical devices.

Network cyber security detection tools are critical components of it security and must be kept up to date. nevertheless, these tools alone cannot fully safeguard connected medical devices that lack embedded security controls.

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