Coming Soon Summer Batch for Kids at TCCI

computer coaching institute in ahmedabad

Aha!!! Yummy summer started almost!!!!!

Surprised? How summer be Yummy?

Ya! Exactly why should not it like that?

Because summer is like cocktail, which brings irritating weather but also provide us so yummy fruits like watermelon and Mango.

Also summer means a long vacation so to say summer means only fun it is not wrong.

There is always party with delicious summer drinks and Ice-dish for kids.

How we can forget summer camp?

Summer camp means learning and education with fun.

But in this summer you can do some different, not to join only tradition course like dance, music, craft, drawing……

Why you don’t join technology?

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute always do different

You can join summer batch at TCCI to learn some new and update your knowledge in vacation through enjoying with us.

There are courses for 7 days-1 week, 15 days-2 week, 21 days-3 week, 30 days-4 week…………

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You can join anyone.

Choice is yours.

Call now 9825618292

Mail to

Visit us @


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