Information Technology Course


Now a day’s computer is used in each and every field, school and colleges have included the computer course in syllabus, but there is always shortage of computer.This has led to unemployment of large number of qualified young men and women. India is fast growing in the field of IT (Information Technology).

According to some reports, the revenue generated from IT exports in the year 2012 was more than $100 Billion! Thus IT offers great opportunities. Also, an engineering degree in IT is not always required to bag IT job.

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute offers various subjects of Information Technology.

Tutor has a great experience and skills which make easier for student to understand the concept easily. TCCI is also working with projects, so student in final year can also do project in guidance of them and can learn new things.

The subjects offered by TCCI are C, C++, Data Structure, Java, Compiler Design, .Net Technology, SQL, HTML, CSS, Networking, Python, Mobile Computing, System Programming, Maths etc………..

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