Basic computer course, Education, Engineering Course, programming course, training, Web Design course

15 Days Short Course For Exam Only Tccicomputercoaching.Com

TCCI is providing teaching service for 15 days only to GTU Students only for Exam purpose.

In this course important topics will be taught in efficient way to the students.

short tearm courses

The subjects like CPU (C), C++,Java, Data Structure, Database Management System, Python, HTML, Compiler Design etc, covered.

Our Institute is located in Bopal and Satellite in Ahmedabad.

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Education, Engineering Courses, programming course, training, Webdesign Services

Crash Course for Computer

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TCCI Coaching offers crash course for Computer /IT Engineering (Degree-Diploma), BCS, MCA, BSC-MSC-IT) etc…..

This course includes C, C++,Java, Data Structure, Python, Compiler Design, .Net, HTML, CSS, etc….

This crash course is for 10 to 15 days which covers all most syllabus as per regarding university in context of Final Exam. This course help students to prepare course according to their exam in short time efficiently. Faculty prepare students to get good result in efficient way.

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Basic computer course, Education, programming course, training, Web Design course

Bopal and Satellite – Wel-Come to Tririd Computer Coaching Institute Ahmedabad


Welcome to Tririd Computer Coaching Institute. TCCI is ahmedabad based computer institute , where we offer various computer courses like  C, C++, HTML, CSS, Data Structure, Database Management System, Compiler Design, Python, Java, .Net .,Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft OfficeExcel,Power Point …..etc……We provide  career-oriented professional education to BCA, MCA, BSC-MSc. IT, Diploma-Degree Engineering, school-students (any standard), and any person . We believe in Quality work. Our institute is focused on helping students get the skills and support they need to reach their goals.

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Career in Software Engineering

We discuss about software engineering, First of all should know what is software engineering?

Programming Languages at TCCI

Software Engineering is field of designing, developing and maintaining of different applications.A software engineer, or programmer, writes software (or changes existing software) and compiles software using methods that improve it.

Demand of software engineers is possible due to enormous changes in our IT, CSE and all that. Now the things related to these are our fundamental needs.
So definitely it will always in demand.

More innovation takes place with software than with hardware. Also, researchers have revealed that software engineers will be top of the list of in-demand IT and technology jobs for current.

In short software engineering is best choice for the student who are interested in coding. You can learn C#,C++,Java,.Net,PHP or Python. These all are the most popular and used Programming Languages, any one you can learn at TCCI Computer Coaching Institute in Bopal and Satellite ,Ahmedabad. And can be expertise in software development.

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Information Technology Course


Now a day’s computer is used in each and every field, school and colleges have included the computer course in syllabus, but there is always shortage of computer.This has led to unemployment of large number of qualified young men and women. India is fast growing in the field of IT (Information Technology).

According to some reports, the revenue generated from IT exports in the year 2012 was more than $100 Billion! Thus IT offers great opportunities. Also, an engineering degree in IT is not always required to bag IT job.

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute offers various subjects of Information Technology.

Tutor has a great experience and skills which make easier for student to understand the concept easily. TCCI is also working with projects, so student in final year can also do project in guidance of them and can learn new things.

The subjects offered by TCCI are C, C++, Data Structure, Java, Compiler Design, .Net Technology, SQL, HTML, CSS, Networking, Python, Mobile Computing, System Programming, Maths etc………..

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TCCI Computer Coaching Institute

The demand of computer is increasing day by day.

In this situation every person should take training of computer. If you are totally unknown then you should start from training of basic computer. If you are doing job then you have must knowledge of basic computer. If you want to go ahead in IT field then you should take training of programming languages.

Computer Course At TCCI

You can consider TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching for computer training for various computer courses in Ahmedabad.

We have professional who teach to students in very easy and interesting manner. We provide training in C,C++, Java, Data Structure, Compiler Design, Mobile Computing, Python, etc……

Our Basic Computer course includes Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point etc…..

We also provide service as a Search Engine Optimization and Web Application Development.

You can take advantage of our expert’s knowledge at TCCI, Ahmedabad.

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Special Discount for 12th class students at TCCI, Ahmedabad

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute is located in Bopal and Satellite, Ahmedabad.

We offer various computer courses to CBSE, GSBE, ICSE, IB school students.

Faculty of TCCI not only teach but motivate the students to achieve their goal.

We teach various computer subjects like C, C++, Java, .Net, CSS, HTML, SQL, Data Structure, Networking etc……

Special discount on 11th, 12th class students.

  • Not more than 5 students in a batch.
  • Theory with Practical session.
  • Private Pc available.
  • AC classrooms.
  • Latest software.

So, we provide best Education Environment to students to learn and grasp the result.

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