Tutorial for Gujarat Board Computer Course At TCCI

Computers are the essential part our life today so the knowledge of the computers is also must. To strong the concepts of the subject computer science of the students studying in Gujarat board TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching provides coaching in various computer subjects to the students in Bopal and Satellite, Ahmedabad.

The basics of the computers from the first class and in the higher classes these topics converts to the programming languages, algorithms, data representation, the computer software etc is included in Gujarat Board Syllabus for Computer Science.

The number system, their conversion from one to other and the structure of computers with the networks all are the major topics of the subject which are included in Gujarat Board Syllabus for Computer Science.

Faculty at TCCI is qualified and experienced, who always share their knowledge with students, and this helps the students to grasp the basic concepts of subject. We follow the Board Exam Syllabus always.

Our students, who have got the coaching from our coaching institute, always achieve the good result in their examination.

To take advantage of our knowledge, call us @ 9825618292

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