ICSE Board Computer course at TCCI, Ahmedabad

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute teaches ICSE school students following concepts with theory and practical method. Our qualified and expert faculty always support students and solves their problems in each and every easy way. They make them prepare as per board exam.

Class-IX Syllabus:

(i) Elementary Concept of Objects and Classes.

(ii) Values and types.

(iii) Conditionals and non-nested loops.


Class 9 syllabus like following:

  1. Computer hardware: parts of a computer and their functions CPU, the clock, cache memory, primary memory, secondary memory, input and output devices, communication devices (the aim is not to describe/discuss an exhaustive list of devices but to understand what parts are present in a typical computer and what the function of each part is).
    Teachers can open a computer and show the various parts; explain how the motherboard becomes a kind of ‘central coordinator’ where all the others link up; point out the various chips on the motherboard that are responsible for the
    different functions – CPU, memory, clock, boot ROM, etc.

    2. Data representation and internal computer structure

    (ii) Representations for integers, real numbers, and limitations of finite representations.

    (iii) Internal structure of a computer, used which has load, store, arithmetic, simple conditional
    jumps, jump instructions, simple input output. The idea is to give a clear understanding of how a typical computer works, without going into too much detail. The student can write simple programs using the instruction set of the machine so that they understand the need for high level languages. This will also clarify the basic idea of
    a stored program where program is treated as data.

    3. Computer software
    the boot process, operating system (resource management and command processor), file system.

  2. Programming languages (machine language, assembly language, high level language).

    5. Compilers and interpreters.

  3. Algorithms
  4. Programming.

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