TCCI Teaches CBSE,GSBE, ICSE, IB Computer Course In Ahmedabad

Now-a-days to know computer skill is compulsory, because we can say todays is computer century.

Computer course.jpg

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute offers all school syllabus for any school student.

Our course includes syllabus of all school boards like GSBE,CBSE, ICSE,and IB etc.Our course programme at TCCI designed as per school syllabus content. We follow mode of class as per school syllabus course. So, our student can match steps with their school task and achieve their goal through success in school result and our student’s success is our achievement.

We teach C,C++,Java,Data-Structure,Python,Compiler-Design, DBMS,,,, Angular, Telluric, SQL , HTML, CSS, Pixlr (Online photo editor), JavaScript,HTML, CSS.

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