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C++ Coaching class in Bopal-Ahmedabad –

C++ is a middle-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell Labs. C++ programming is a general purpose and object oriented programming language. C++ inherits most of C’s syntax. It is considered to be an intermediate level language, as it encapsulates both high and low level language features. In 1983, it was renamed from C with Classes to C++ (“++” being the increment operator in C). New features were added including virtual functions, function name and operator overloading, references, constants, type-safe free-store memory allocation (new/delete), improved type checking.

We include all basic concepts in our teaching course with theory and practical both, which help to our students even if he is very beginner or weak in programming language.

coaching class at tcci copy

We teach following topics in c++ course:

1. Introduction to C++

2. Basic Syntax

3. Object Oriented Concept

a. Inheritance

b. Data Abstraction

c. polymorphism

d. Encapsulation

4. Data Types and Variables

5. Constants, Literals

6. Modifiers

7. Operators

8. Loop Controls

a. For Loop

b. While Loop

c. Do-While Loop

9. Decision Making


10. Class Structure with Object

11. Function

12. Arrays

13. String

14. Inheritance

15. Constructor-Destructor

16. Exception Handling

17. Files

Course duration: Daily/4 days/3 Days/2 Days.

Class Mode: Theory with Practical.

Lecture Timing: At student’s convenience.

For More Information about TCCI computer coaching

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