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What is Inheritance?

Inheritance is a feature of Object Oriented Programming. It is used to specify that one class will get most or all of its features from its parent class. It is a very powerful feature which facilitates users to create a new class with a few or more modification to an existing class. The new class is called child class or derived class and the main class from which it inherits the properties is called base class or parent class.

python inheritance

The child class or derived class inherits the features from the parent class, adding new features to it. It facilitates re-usability of code.

Python Inheritance Syntax

baseclass as per previous example

1. class DerivedClassName(BaseClassName):

2. <statement-1>

3. .

4. .

5. .

6. <statement-N>

Here we always use object of parent type.


This child type object will call both module of parent and child.

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