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Which one better C or C++? –

It is not wrong to say that C++ is updated version of C Language. C++ contains all the features of C and in addition to that it has Object Oriented features.

The new C++ specification contains lot more features like Threading, Synchronization, lighter version of garbage collection,..etc. If you choose C, then you have rely on the platform libraries(pthread, win thread,..) for most of the works. But C++ provides lot of utilities as part of its STL(Standard Template Library).

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C++ abstracts the functionalities and exposes it in a nicer way.

For example if we consider string operation concatenate then in C

we have to use like this:

char *text1=”New”;

char *text2=”York”;


In C++ we can overload + operator:

std::string text1 = ” New “; // std::string is a STL utility class.

std::string text2 = ” York “

std::string text3= text1 + text2

Now you can decide yourself which one is better..

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