Computer Education at TCCI Tccicomputercoaching.com

Education when we hear this word always we imagine a big school bag, a class room with crowd ,a black board, a shouting teacher , burden of homework……. Etc….. right?

But now our imagination is wrong!!!!!!!


Because now Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our students in the same manner in which we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students not in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching, but in school. Period.”

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching always try to match their steps with latest trend in this Era. We provide teaching in all computer course like basic, web designing, programming, project training, school course, college course, Job course, certificate course etc……

Our qualified and experienced faculty always ready to support our students in each and every way. Because “student success is our success.”

So, come fast and get admission at TCCI-Bopal-Satellite-Ahmedabad.

Call us @ 98256 18292.

Visit us @ tccicomputercoaching.com

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