How to find Happiness?

How to find Happiness?

In a present days people are running here and there to earn more and more money and wealth because they believe that only money and wealth can give them happiness.

But is that true? Money and wealth really can give you happiness?

If this is true then all rich and famous people should be happiest persons in the world, but not such is truth, they all are not happy who have all of these, and the people who have not lot of money, even a big home to live , yet they are happy. Because they have peace in their mind.

Success, and happiness, means peace. It means a calm mind where you are not scared about getting caught for taking a bribe or jealous of your colleague for getting a promotion. Because greed, jealousy and fear form a vicious cycle. You take a bribe but you cannot stop at that. You want more money because your neighbour has more and it goes on.

Yes, exactly if you have peace in your mind, you can sleep calmly at night, that’s true happiness. If you are sad and you have someone to make you smiley, that’s true happiness. You have some problem and there is someone to solve your problem, that’s true happiness. You can enjoy with your friends and family members every moments like festivals, that’s true happiness.

Never search happiness in others, it always makes you feel alone, Search only in yourself that makes you feel always happy even if you left alone.

If you can’t being a helping hand to others, don’t cheat or hurt anyone, otherwise you will never get peace.

Do not crib that your opponent is unbeatable, do not crib that that the pitch is poor and do not cheat. If you follow your swadharma you will find happiness, which will include lots of honest money.

Sometimes we find the people happy who are not honest and not hardworking but that’s not truth.

When Duryodhana was dying, defeated in war, he still felt that he was successful. He had lived the life of a prince, had riches and comforts while his cousins, the Pandavas, wandered hungry in forests. So he felt he had a good life while the Pandavas were failures.

But his whole life, Duryodhana found no peace. He would complain that he could not sleep at night; he would be haunted by nightmares and see Yudhistra being crowned king and see himself being slain. All his wealth could not buy him rest.

If you yield money the wrong way you’ll be rich but you won’t find peace. Your blood pressure will rise, you’ll fall ill, be in a foul temper due to the stress, scream at your loved ones and then the people you are earning for will become distant from you.

You will surely earn money, and lots of it, provided you are pursuing a career that is your swadharma.

Swadharma is the reason you are here on planet earth. It is your soul’s most urgent desire – it could be playing cricket, singing, leading a country,dancing, writing novels or developing software. And once you pursue it you will find happiness.

Whatever your passion, just do that honestly, you can enjoy your work and happiness will come itself to you.

So, don’t compare yourself with others, don’t hurt others and do just your work fullest till your soul is satisfied.

You must do your work to the fullest, till your soul is satisfied.

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