Short Term Courses At TCCI Tccicomputercoaching.Com

Now-a-days Computer has become favourite to all the people, without computer we can’t imagine our life now! Because it is very useful in all way. After then it is job place, shopping place, online booking, bank, school, or college.

Computer Course

Short term courses at TCCI is the simplest and quickest way to get conversant with basic IT skills and usages of the internet through simple fun filled programmes.

Learning computers here is so easy; you will become an expert in no time. The TCCI computer courses are designed for students, working professionals, executives, school children, parents and elders;

List of short term courses

Basic Computer Course – Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point

Web designing                – HTML, CSS, Online Photo Editor

Programming Course    – HTML, C, C++, Java, Data Structure, Python

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