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Maths course at TCCI –

Maths Course in ahmedabad

It’s important to have a good foundation in mathematics as an engineering student, but I personally don’t think you need to be fantastic at math. As long as you understand the basic concepts, I’ve found that the application isn’t that difficult. And a lot of times, in engineering applications, you’ll be given a formula instead of having to derive it, or you’ll have reference material available instead of having to struggle through the math itself.

Engineering is all about calculations not just about studying theories, so yeah mathematics is really important in engineering.

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Education, Engineering Course

Importance of Maths in Engineering

Mathematics to me, is a language we use to express observations. Just like any other language, depending on your vocabulary, you will be able to accurately represent your observations and depending on your fluency, be able to rephrase and understand how you may find a solution.

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Engineering is a science that depends on empirical formulas. Formulas that have been developed to best match the theory of design and test results. There is no engineering that does not have a mathematical basis. Once experience is developed by the engineer, than his designs can be initiated be estimates and proved by math.

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Civil Course at TCCI

Civil Engineering has a great importance in making our cities more modern and advance.

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In the early days of civil engineering as a profession, engineers were often promoters of projects themselves, being responsible for fund raising and gaining political acceptance for a scheme, thus serving the role of both client and professional in ‘progressing’ society, where virtually any civil engineering works were clearly of benefit to the wider social good.

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