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What is friend function in OOP?

A friend function in OOP is a function declared as friend of a class… which means that this class in question can access the private or protected data of this other class.

Actually, private or protected data of one class can’t accessible by another class. But friend class makes this possible.

Friend function

Let us understand one example:

1. #include <iostream>

2. using namespace std;

3. class B; // forward declaration

4. class A {

5. private:

6. int data;

7. public:

8. A(): data(12){ }

9. friend int func(A , B); //friend function Declaration

10. };

11. class B {

12. private:

13. int data;

14. public:

15. B(): data(1){ }

16. friend int func(A , B); //friend function Declaration

17. };

18. int func(A d1,B d2)

19. /*Function func() is the friend function of both classes A and B. So, the private data of both class can be accessed from this function.*/

20. {

21. return (;

22. }

23. int main()

24. {

25. A a;

26. B b;

27. cout<<“Data: “<<func(a,b);

28. return 0;

29. }

Here, we do sum of two different class private data member using friend class.

A friend function in C++ is a function which you can use to view and manipulate a class definition and an object with private permissions. A friend function prototype is declared into the class definition.

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