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If you are beginner or want to learn cloud computing then start from here.

How cloud computing actually works?

Cloud computing means “sharing resources” or “a way for individual or companies accessing internet “.

Tccicomputercoaching CLOUD COMPUTING

Cloud computing usually eliminates or reduces the need for on-site hardware and/or software.

For example, if any person access a hardware service that relies on cloud computing, the person could transfer his or her files through an internet connection.

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How cloud works let us see with real example:

When using Google Drive, which has a cloud-based word processor, everything you type is automatically saved in the cloud every few seconds. There’s no need to fiddle with settings to make sure work gets saved, or to designate a folder on your computer to store the saved content. The managed nature of cloud-based services like Google Drive allows users to simply enjoy the benefits of the technology they’re using and feel confident the service provider will take care of things like file saving and storage.

Cloud computing usually allows you to log into a well-maintained online interface and access the latest versions of applications and content — without having to download anything that needs to be checked for viruses.

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