Now Samsung’s QLED TV is in India Tccicomputercoaching.com

Yes!! Wait is over!!!!!!

Finally Samsung QLED TV coming in India!!!!

Starting Price is Rs 3, 14,900, to the Indian market. It is the world’s first TV to offer a 100 per cent colour volume, thanks to its New Metal Quantum Dot Technology.

QLED TV turns light into the purest colours with Quantum dot technology and displays with perfect viewing from every seat in the house. Experience 100% colour volume*.

It’s demanded because of its beautifully-designedand an ‘invisible’ connection cable that ensures your living space is devoid of tangled wires. The single optical cable brings all devices together, making the room clutter-free. And, if you don’t want to mount your TV on the wall, there is a range of stands to choose from including the studio stand that is designed like an easel.

So, your next purchase may be now QLED TV…………………….

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