Why use .Net?

In present days .Net is used in Developing Code because of some useful features of .Net

Without writing a single line of code, .NET provides you with a scalable and powerful framework to code upon.

When a .NET application is compiled, .NET applications are compiled to IL (Intermediate Language) instead of using, which is akin to Java byte code. When the application is executed, it is then compiled into native executable code, which is managed by the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Garbage collection and exception handling, giving it inherent robustness and security.

This architecture is known as Managed Code, and gives your applications a great deal of tolerance out of the box.

The code in .Net  written for your website is easily used with desktop applications and Mobile Applications.

This in turn makes your developments far more productive.

Also its easy accessible Dataset encourage people to use .Net more n more.

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