How smart phones are helping in diagnosis and treatment of diseases

Now it is possible with a Smartphone and cloud-based programming that researchers have been developing in order to maximise disease management in resource-limited settings.

Smart phones can be used to capture and report data from the point-of-care, which can help improve patient care, surveillance and monitoring, logistics and supply chain management, programme management and market opportunities. Adapted from: “The GSID System: Real-Time Data from the Point of Care,” Haynes Sheppard, Ian Francis.

In response to these needs, GSID, working with the University of Washington (Seattle, WA, USA) and the social enterprise Dimagi (Boston, USA), has created ground-breaking new software for Android smartphones to read, digitise and transmit point-of-care (POC) diagnostic results for significant infectious diseases. Workers in healthcare worldwide will have quick and accurate diagnoses for their patients, and public health officials will be able to view real-time results and analysis compiled data using a secure, cloud-based database. The system will be a crucial step for patient care, health system evaluation, and global disease surveillance and control efforts

Parse’s AI doctor is one of a slew of powerful tools that have transformed smart phones into mobile medical clinics that can be operated by anyone with an internet connection

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