Features of Java –

For many years Java has changed the world, because of upgrade of technology we can connect with various applications

Because of java we expect digital device smarter and functional.

Java has very useful features which attract the Programmer, let us see these features:


It’s very simple in language, which makes coding very easy and quick. For example go tostatement, header files, structure, operators, pointers etc……



Java is designed to be in secured network environment. Java’s runtime environment uses code verification process. This process makes sure about Java Security Constraints.

High performance:

It’s designed to support Just in Time compiler, which compiles machine code dynamically.

Object oriented Concept:

Java contains Unique Object Oriented Concept which are its identity, these are class, object, polymorphism, and inheritance etc….


It is strong type language. It eliminates runtime error. In addition it contains automatic memory management garbage collection.

It doesn’t support memory pointer so, eliminates the possibilities of memory corrupting.

Dynamic Language:

It contains dynamic linking of other class, dynamic compilation and automatic memory management. Also it provides different network connector.

Platform Independent:

Platform Independent means write code in one platform and execute in another platform, for example we write code in windows XP and run in Linux, which is not possible in c and C++.

But in Java it is possible, because there is one layer JVM- Java Virtual Machine in Java which makes this language Platform Independent.

We can also say that “Write once, Run anywhere”.

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