Google Glass

A technology had change the lifestyle of human living.

A development in the nanotechnology result in the smart and micro product development which help the human in getting data on the fly.

Google glass is the head mount display design in the shape of the eye glass. Google glass is developed by GOOGLE X , in order to exchange the information of smart phone and other global data when ever needed.

Google started selling Google Glass first on April-2013 with limited pieces, and then it became available in public market from May 2014. Google had type with the Italian eye wear company Luxottica and other brands, to provide addition frame design.

Now exploring the feature of the product, Google Glass has the located on the side of the it, allow user to interact and control the screen by swiping through a timeline, as similar as it looks in mobile and smart phones. Current and latest event like weather etc will be shown by sliding backwards while sliding in front can show the details of phone calls, contacts, photos etc.

Google has also incorporated the features of camera in Google Glass. It has ability to take photos and record 720p HD videos.

Google glass use a display of liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS), field sequential colour system, LED illuminated display. The display first illumination in first P-polarized and then shines through the in-coupling polarization beam splitter (PBS) to the LCoS Panel. The light reflect the panel and come back to S-Polarization, which result in active pixel sensor site. The in-coupling PBS then reflect the S-Polarization area of light at 45 Degree through the out-coupling bean splitter to the collimating reflector at the other end. Finally the out-coupling beam splitter reflects the light at another 45 Degree and it visible in the eye wear. This how the user can be able to see the screen.

Google Glass has a free application which are developed by various third party companies. It supports Google Map, Gmail, Google search engine etc. Many other companies had developed a various apps for NEWS, Weather, Health, Sports etc. It also support the social networking apps like facebook, twitter etc.

Google glass apps come in both Android as well as IOS supportable which allow the user to manage the device accordingly.

Other than touch pad, Google glass can be controlled through the voice annunciation by configuring it. Whenever you say any command like take picture it will automatically capture the picture. Thus it can be use through voice annunciation.

Google Glass can be used in various industries and application where the things are to be done in fraction of second.

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