Computer Technology at TCCI

Predicting what lies in the future is virtually impossible, but we do know that whatever it brings, computer technology will be right in the centre of it.

As computer technology continues to advance and develop for both home and industry, there will be an ever growing need for computer professionals to fill the resulting job openings. Career opportunities in the computer field remain strong, and knowledge of computer technology will continue to become more and more important to workers in every field. “Many jobs obviously will demand basic computer skills if not sophisticated knowledge.” The more we learn about the importance of computers and the more computer literate we become, the more chances we’ll have of advancement in mostly any field.

Importance of Computer Technology in Everyday Life.

In this modern world computer technology is used to connect people staying in the any corner of world. Desktops, laptops and mobile devices network the world together and perform multiple operations at once; Individuals, communities, government and organizations rely on computer technology to produce or innovate the majority of things in their lives, such as food, services, entertainment, care, communication, education and transportation.

Technology used for Merchants

The Internet can be used for weather and stock market reports in real-time, and its global network of potential buyers is more expansive than local merchants.

As farmers become aware of new farming technology, they can adapt their future farming methods. Farm implements such as tractors, fertilizers sprayers have computers that farmers can program to automatically adjust the amount of fertilizers according to the requirements of soil and crops which helps in improving soil and higher crop yield. Computers are used for keeping records such as budget information ,farm equipment inventories and animal health forms .Like many small business owners farmers also use basic computer programs for this.

Job place

 Computers help employees in increasing production and saving valuable time through its various software. Many types of operations, such as billing, record keeping, transactions and planning, take place through commercially available or customized machines. Most modern devices use microchips and processing units to perform their basic functions. ATM machines, gas station pumps, GPS units and barcode scanners may be common in everyday life.


Major motion pictures and television programs use some form of visual, audio and animation effects in their production. Video games employ graphics produced by a computer, and each game plugs into a computer-based home entertainment system.

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