How To Learn Computer Effieently At TCCI Computer Coaching?-

If you are thinking to go in IT field, then you have to choose a language and start coding in something. Many people finally decide that they are going to begin learning a programming language, but don’t know where to start.

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Choose a language first.

Determine your area of interest. Analysis which languages are suitable for your area of interest.

Start with basic language.

If you are new to programming field, you should start with basic language or course. Have you ever used computer? No, then first learn basic course like Microsoft word, excel, power point.

If you are aware all of these course, then start directly with simple programming language.

Learn Basic concepts of programming language.

Learn the basic concepts and the majority of other languages become just an alternative syntax.

Main () function, variable, data type, array, structure, operators, Decision making (If-else), Loop (for-while-do while), pointer, user-defined function etc…   basic concepts in all programming languages.

Learn Object Oriented Concepts

Object oriented concepts are useful in c++, java, PHP, .Net, java script etc…..

So, learning of object oriented concepts are very beneficial to programmer. Because it has very important points which increase time and space efficiency in application. These precious points are Abstraction, Encapsulation, Data-hiding,Inheritance,Polymorphism,Message-passing etc……

Practice basic tutorials in variety of languages.

There are countless tutorials for every programming available online, study them and do yourself.

Examine the syntax.

Create logic yourself.

Study the library-functions.

Solved out error yourself, this will help you making expertise in programming.

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