Lenovo’s ‘Tango’ Phone Lets You Map The World Around You Tccicomputercoaching.Com

This phone lets you 3D map your surroundings in real-time and add augmented reality overlays to the environment around you.

Lenovo says the PHAB2 Pro allows people to “sense physical motion and space” and augment reality with custom built apps. To recreate the real-world digitally the device captures more than 250,000 measurements and has four different cameras.

Three main technologies allow the world to be visualised and mapped: motion tracking, depth perception, and area learning.

“Tango enables our devices to sense physical motion and space and, as a result, has the power to change how we interact with our surroundings,” Google’s engineering director Johnny Lee said. On stage he created a virtual environment with deer walking through it and used AR technology to accurately physical objects.

Lenovo says the device will allow people to remodel their homes by visualising furniture in their rooms, play games that are overlaid over real-world surroundings, and in the future experience museum tours with descriptions and explanations overlaid.

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