Which one is better Business or Job?

It’s always subject of debate which one is better to own Business or to do job?

As you completing your graduation, there has been pressure created by parents on youngsters to find out the job, but today’s youngster believe in to own business. Which takes some time also need money.

Both have their pros and cons. We can’t surely decide which one is the perfect solution for most people.It depends on you and your context.

After your educations when it comes to the earnings time then there are only three choices for you to choose from. One “Start your own business, if you have money to invest”, second “get a job” but if you do not have much money to invest for business then your third choice might be “get a job then save some money and then start a business”.

Rightly said, no matter if it is a job or business; you are expected to work for extended hours.

A job, on the other hand gives you a sense of safety, security and stability of a monthly pay check. In a job, it’s more like taking order and executing it as per the needs and direction of your boss.

We have met people that are very happy with their jobs and loved what they do, but still wanted to start their own business. Perhaps it was the need to feel like they could do something bigger and more meaningful with their lives and make more money and have more freedom too.

In job sometimes you feel like you are doing same task every day and nothing thrill is there now. This feeling makes you very sad and you can’t think in new direction.

You feel like you’ll never have enough money because there is a rather obvious limit on how much you can make each year. In job sometimes you can’t even provide benefit to “your boss” in some certain conditions.

 In a job you have to fix yourself in the fixed time interval, usually that is of 8 hours. But in your own business there are no restrictions for you. You can work less or you can even work more for making more profit. So, this is important in reasons why own business is better than job.

 Initially when you start your own business it’s scary. But in your own business you can go beyond the limits and rules to make your business successful.

In short, it depends on your interest and nature, business and job both have their own pros and cons. But if you choose as per your interest then it always make you happy in your life.

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