TCCI Teaches JavaScript in Ahmedabad

JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web. Programming makes computers do what you want them to do. JavaScript is easy to learn.

java Course in Ahmedabad.jpg

JavaScript is one of the 3 languages all web developers must learn:

  1. HTML to define the content of web pages
  2. CSS to specify the layout of web pages
  3. JavaScript to program the behaviour of web pages

We teach following in JavaScript:

  • Introduction
  • Place of JavaScript
  • Syntax of JavaScript
  • Output
  • Statements
  • Comments
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Data Types
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • String
  • Number
  • Methods
  • Date
  • Switch
  • Loop
  • Break
  • Type Conversion

Welcome to TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute. We are a Gujarat (India) based Computer coaching institute at Ahmedabad and we focus on providing best teaching to students through different learning method/media. we try our best to give best quality education without any burden at efficient cost.

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