A Database Management System

A Database Management System

A database management system is important because it manages data efficiently and allows users to perform multiple tasks with ease.

A database management system stores, organizes and manages a large amount of information within a single software application.

Use of this system increases efficiency of business operations and reduces overall costs.

How it important?

Without database management, tasks have to be done manually and take more time. Data can be categorized and structured to suit the needs of the company or organization. Data is entered into the system and accessed on a routine basis by assigned users. Each user may have an assigned password to gain access to their part of the system. Multiple users can use the system at the same time in different ways.

When DBMS is installed in a computer system, consistency of data is improved as updating errors are minimized. The computer systems are no longer dependent on application programs, so the data has better integrity.

Modern relational database management system programs use a programming language known as structured query language to access, update and delete data within its tables.

A “flat” database holds all of the information about a record. The name, address, phone number, meeting attendance, publications ordered, committee membership, and any other information you choose is kept in a single database.

A flat database is very easy to manage. All the information is stored in one source. You can see how many board members have e-mail addresses, or how many donors are also volunteers. You can create a variety of different ways to look at the data with input screens, reports, mailing lists and special queries.

A database allows you to manage and use an incredible variety of information easily. Databases are easy to set-up, easy to manipulate and easy to use. A database allows you to maintain order in what could be a very chaotic environment.

It allows the user to change, add or delete fields of information. Your organisation may have a particular information interest in a particular group, and no specialised software can anticipate every organisation’s every need.

Databases make sense, they bring and maintain order, they force the user to think in a very logical and linear path, and they are flexible. A database is truly an invaluable tool for any organisation.

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