Learning computer in Ahmedabad

The computer is one of the most wonderful gifts of science in current time. Computers are constantly being updated to make our lives better. The computer is a bonus to all. In fact the computer is a wonderful electronic brain that we have come to rely on in our everyday life.

computer course in Ahmedabad.jpg

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute is focused on providing Quality education with practical sessions. Satisfaction of our student is our priority.

Basic computer course: Ms-office Word, Excel, Power point, Intern

Programming course: C, C++,Java, Data-Structure, Python, Compiler-Design, DBMS

Training course:,,, Angular, Telluric, SQL

Design course: HTML, CSS, Pixlr (Online photo editor), JavaScript, HTML, CSS,

To learn more computer course in Ahmedabad, TCCI, computer class in Ahmedabad


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