Ahmedabad-Different Computer Course

TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute offers various computer course to BCA,MCA,PGDCA,MSCIT, Diploma-Degree Engineering , All School Boards , any Person.

Basic Computer course.jpg

When you’re job searching, employers are going to want to know what computer skills you have.

Basic Computer course: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power point, Internet Computer Course

Basic computer skills are a requirement for many positions. Also it’s useful for nonjob person in daily life.

Programming course: c, c++, java, Data Structure, Python, .Net, Database Management System, Compiler Design

Programming course are useful for the students, who wants to build up their career in IT field.If programming courses learned and used correctly, can be very helpful and very rewarding.

Web Designing Course: HTML, CSS, Online photo Editor

Web Designing Courseare very useful to boost up your new business through your website.

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