How To Choose School For Kids?

It’s always subject of debate which school choose for our child?

When you become parent, it gives you lots of happiness, it’s like we can’t described in words!

Right? But as well as it brings so many responsibilities. Sure, you all agree with me. Sometimes there are lots of confusions also. For example which doctor is better? Which cure should we apply in some particular condition? Which food is better? Which company soap is better?

But most important is to choose school for your child. Because school is a very first place where kids goes without parent, so surely enough cure and love like parent should got by kids there at school.

School plays an important role in the life because School provides Lifelong learning in a changing world.

School is a place where kids start his or her very first lesson of education, this education is not only academic but it should be also education of the whole Life. All kids get lessons of good habits and discipline from parent, but whatever you are taught by teachers at school it is very effective, also recalled for whole life.

I am sure in all our life one incidence has been happened whichis remembered in our memory for whole life because of punished by our teachers at school. At that time we had felt bad because we got punished and also anger on our teachers. But when we grow up and come into the practical life

Lesson taught by our teacher becomes useful in our problems. Good habits and rules taught by teacher at school make us good person. Which indirectly help us to become successful person in the life.

So, when we choose school we have to consider this thing also that academic education only is not required for kids. All other things are also needed for child.

Also todays all schoolsinclude different types of activities .These include Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Sports activities like Table tennis, Badminton, cricket , volleyball, skating ,karate, Chess, Home Science, Theatre, Public speaking, leadership Training, , Quizzing etc. Structured physical activities install discipline, camaraderie and values like sporting spirit and trust. They also help the child take his own decision,

School should provide physical and mental space to the children so that they develop curiosity and self-esteem. These include Dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Art &Craft, Table tennis, Chess, Home Science, Theatre, Public speaking, leadership Training, Badminton, Quizzing etc.

In short school should be aims to provide all-round education to students through an innovative and enjoyable curriculum by giving individual attention to each child.

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