Learning Of Execution Of C Programme

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Welcome to TCCI-Tririd Computer Coaching Institute.

This post helps beginner to learn how to execute c programme.

C is a general-purpose, computer programming language, supporting structured programming.

To execute follow the steps given here:

Write source code in CEditor Window,

Save the source code.

Compile the programme (press alt + F9).

Compiler checks if there is any syntax error, it displaysthe error.

First have to correct the error in source code.

Again compile the programme (press alt + F9).

Now if there is no error then compiler displays the output.

Run the programme (press control + F9).

Window shows you desired Output.

Here is simple example of C program.



main ()


            Int a=10;

            printf(“Wel come to TCCI- C course.\n”);

            printf(“a=%d”, a);



Wel come to TCCI-C course.


This programme just display what we have written in printf statement.

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