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.NET significantly simplifies the creating of powerful applications. Its main aim is to make easy the development of desktop and mobile. Many things that had to code using C++ and MFC are now embedded into the framework. Developers can convert around complex applications much quicker.

Why is .NET Important?

.Net platform helps developers to get benefits of its creative and dynamic characteristics in creation of applications.

Distributed applications are composed of disparate resources in multiple locations—the database might be in India, the inventory control software in Singapore, and the data entry software in Bangladesh.

.NET offers a multi-language platform that gives the freedom to choose a language. All features of a .NET platform are available to any .NET programming language, and application components can be written in multiple languages.

.Net Language has some key components, which makes it favourite in web developers to use widely.

Common Language Runtime

.net has CLR which has also some advantageous feature.

The Common Language Runtime is robust and secure because it includes the following features:

  • Automatic lifetime management
  • Garbage collection for all .NET objects, Multi-generational mark-and-compact garbage collection (GC)
  • No stray pointers, no circular references

.Net Framework

.Net framework is associated with certain tools that serve various useful purposes. When the applications become easier to learn and implement, greater number of people wants to learn the new subject.

.Net framework requires negligible time for development and provides a good amount of bug-free and scalable solutions of software.

.Net Framework Class Library (FCL)

The .NET Framework class library is a library of classes, interfaces, and value types that provide access to system functionality.

The .Net Framework class library (FCL) provides the core functionality of .Net Framework architecture.

Framework class library (FCL) provides the consistent base types that are used across all .NET enabled languages. The Classes are accessed by namespaces, which reside within Assemblies.

Also beginner can acquire high degree of knowledge on the software languages through .net framework.

Advantages of .Net:

.NET facilitates Internet services. It allows user to choose their language and their project standard—even their development environment is completely customizable.

.NET allows developers to build applications easily and faster.

.NET allows developers to explore new business models just like as the new created social market like Facebook, LinkedIn , Google plus, what’s up, twitter etc.

At last we can conclude that  vast majority of today’s developers are writing business applications in .net because it has a lot of key components and beneficial features who helps developers to boost up their career in right direction. For More Information About .net course.

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