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In Programming Language array and structure both are used to store data. But functionality, behaviour, data types are different.

Let us see in details what these differences are.

Arrays Structures
1. An array is a collection of related data elements of same type. 1. Structure is a collection of data elements of different types.
2. An array is a derived data type 2. A structure is a User-defined data type.
3. Any array behaves like a built-in data types. All we have to do is to declare an array variable and use it. 3. But in the case of structure, first we have to design and declare a data structure before the variable of that type are declared and used.
4. We can access array elements with its


i.e. int a[10];

the a[0],a[1]……





5. We can’t access structure in array.

4. In structure we can access elements with its variable

i.e. structure students{

int rn;

float marks;

char name[10];                                                         }s;

We have to access s.rn,s.marks,[0],…….


5. But we can use array into structure as an element.


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